“Oh Doug is a great guy! You can trust him with anything. Also very handy if you need help around the house”

This was the response by Doug’s neighbor when asked why she gave him a set of keys to her house. Talking to Doug, all of this comes through fairly quickly.

Doug was born in MI but slowly made his way to Austin via AZ. South by Southwest you could say. He spent much of his career in construction and building cabinets. These skills made him a handy person to know, but his character makes him a great neighbor to have.

“I think folks have come to trust in me because it’s who I am and when it’s in your nature to be straight up and accountable for what you do, people will see that, at least the smart ones. As i get older I find that the simple things are what’s important, I love to write and play music, I love riding bikes, and working on projects to create something that was just a thought and it keeps me moving.

I have a tattoo that says “It’s too late to sell out now.” If you can be true to yourself, you’ll be true to others.”

Nowadays, if you are strolling down Rainey Street and various bars all around the Austin area, you may catch Doug playing with his band Clyde.


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