App helps teacher get students excited about science
App helps teacher get students excited about science

If you asked my younger self what I wanted to be when I grow up, I’d say that I wanted to be a teacher. I drew myself as a teacher, I’d play “teacher” with my brothers, and although, I chose a different path as an undergrad, I knew I’d eventually come back to this dream.

After working in the medical field out of college, I made the career change to follow through on my dream of being a teacher. I started teaching in Round Rock and also got my Master’s in Education. I went into bilingual education because Spanish was my first language, and I remembered the struggle of adapting to English when I started school.

The perceptions people have of teaching are funny. Everyone hears about how we get summers off and thinks it’s a cushy job, but they don’t know we are often working 12 hour days during the school year and the stress is intense, but all worth it.


I work at a school where 60% of kids come from economically disadvantaged homes. Sometimes, kids don’t have enough money for books of leisure. I’ve gifted books from my own personal library, and I’ve ordered books beyond gifting them for Christmas. I’ve also had other parents donate books to my classroom. It’s been great! Every child should have books, and whether used or not, kids get excited to take a book home.

Every year, my students write stories to publish a class book. One of my students really wanted a book and had begged his mom for a book. Unfortunately, his mom wrote me a note indicating they could not afford the $20 book in which her son contributed a story. I ended up gifting him a copy and his eyes lit up. His mother, too, was grateful. It was important that he see his hard work being published, and now it’s become a keepsake.

The things that excite the kids don’t always cost money. I gave one of my students a chrysalis before parting for summer break. Her mother emailed me indicating she was so thankful that her daughter got to witness the life cycle of a butterfly. When the butterfly emerged from the pupa, my former student released it into nature.

My goal as a teacher is to open minds and teach students to question and explore concepts so that they may develop their own conclusions. And if you’ve ever visited my classroom, you’d see why I enjoy teaching. As much as I’d like to think I touch their heart, they touch mine.”

Teachers often spend hundreds of dollars a year out of their own pocket for supplies and teaching material. Talia was able to find a telescope kit to help teach her students about science using karmist. If you could use similar assistance, or if you are looking to provide it, please join our community.


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