Posting a request
Posting a request

To post a karmist request, go to either the “Browse” tab or the “My Requests” tab.  Then click the “+” button as shown above. This brings up the post screen with the following fields:

Post screen
Post screen

Add Title: Best to keep it short so that the entire title is visible to users when they browse

Add Description: The more descriptive the better.

Add Photo: Here you can add a photo using your camera or from your photo album.  Keep in mind other users are much more likely to respond if you include a photo!

Category:  Select one that best suits your request

Urgency: Let other users know if you need it right away or if it can wait

Location: karmist defaults to your current location, but you can also move around the map, and use a long press to choose another location.

Location Mask:  karmist defaults to “Show approximate location” on your request for your security.  You can also choose to show the exact location in your request.

Identity: Here you can choose to post anonymously or you can show your name and profile photo in your request.  Note users are more likely to respond if you are not anonymous.  Also keep in mind  that even if you choose anonymous, the other user will see your name and profile photo in your chat conversation if you accept their offer (but your request will remain anonymous to the public).

That’s it!  If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to message us in the Contact section on our website or at


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