Chemo patient gets help from app

…and he made her day.

Cancer patient gets help using app

Mother, grandmother, artist, and manuscript editor from Austin, this is how Lisa described herself.  After her 3rd round of chemo & radiation, she did not have the energy she once had. To make matters worse, she recently attended a funeral where her friend was sick, but not one to turn down hugs and embraces, she caught her friend’s illness and developed bronchitis. You wouldn’t know this by talking to her though.  She exudes energy, positivity, and every word comes with a smile.

Soon Lisa will be moving in with a friend on a 7 acre ranch in Boerne.  Excited to start a new life out in the hill country, she started the moving process but needed a little extra help moving a few boxes, and taking out her recycling.

On the exterior, you might mistake Ivan for a biker, boxer, or simply someone you just don’t want to mess with.  Talking to Ivan, you quickly get the picture of a renaissance man who is well versed in engineering, business (with a MBA from St Edwards), and art.  Someone who can hack a motorcycle as well as computer software, which partly explains his career as a Software Project Manager at NXP Semiconductors.

It was a simple ask for help, move a few boxes, take down a few paintings on the wall, take out her recycling. Lisa posted this request on karmist, and Ivan was happy to step up. “People are so disconnected from others nowadays” he said, referring to current social conditions.  He walked into her apartment and her dog quickly took a liking to Ivan.  Lisa says this is atypical for Molly to warm up this quickly to a stranger, and that’s easy to believe. 20 minutes of moving, joking, and conversation later, it was hard to tell who was helping whom.

Part of the mission of karmist is to bring people together who may otherwise never meet.  Through the act of helping, both people are giving, and both receiving.  If you are looking for help or looking to give it, please download the app and let it help you build good karma.

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About karmist: karmist is a free app that allows people to crowdsource help and give help. Our mission is simple:  To create a positive impact by enabling people to help each other.


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