27 ways to help others this holiday

karmist is now 3 weeks old and we have help requests all over the nation so if you are looking to do something good this holiday season and help out others, here are some great ways to make a difference.  Please note this is a sampling of karmist requests from around the nation, please download the app to see what is near you.  We are new so we need your help to spread the word!

Help out those affected by the Thomas Fires in Southern California:

Albuquerque: Volunteer to help feed seniors

Alexandria: Help build a theatre stage

Atlanta: Blanket drive to help the homeless

Austin: Teacher looking for donations for science

Boise: Abode Hospice looking for volunteers

Boston: STEM mentors needed for Boston Schools

Chicago: Be a Bond girl and help the deaf

Dallas: Disabled person in need of help moving

Denver: Denver Police looking for chaplain

Houston: No kill Shelter in need of volunteers

New Orleans: Animal Rescue New Orleans needs medical volunteers

New York: Musicians needed to bring Christmas cheer to seniors

Olympia: Family in need of bunk bed

Omaha: Omaha Parks seeking volunteers

Phoenix: Need volunteers to help vets, ex LEO, firefighters

Portland: Need volunteers at food pantry

Puerto Rico: Toys for children in Puerto Rico

Port Aransas: Easy Way to Help Port Aransas

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this movement!  The overwhelmingly positive response to karmist since we launched just 3 weeks ago has been exciting and inspirational, and we look forward to continuing to grow, innovate, and make a difference with your help in 2018!

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About karmist: Born out of lessons learned from rescue efforts during Hurricane Harvey, karmist was developed as a free app to allow people to crowdsource help. Our mission is simple:  To create a positive impact by helping people help each other.


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