Q: Can I charge to help someone using karmist?
A: The core goal of karmist is to create a platform where people can help each other so karmist encourages all users to participate without the expectation of anything in return other than good karma.  As we grow however, we will grow based on user feedback so please feel free to let us know how you feel about this policy.

Q: How do I report a bug?
A: First, thank you for giving us this feedback!  Please use the contact form here, and select “Report Bug” for the topic:

Q: After I post a karmist request, does the location of the request move with me as I move about?
A: No, the location of karmist requests are static and set to the location you specified when you created the request.

Q: How do you know if the person who shows up to help you move furniture or gives you a ride isn’t dangerous ?
A: Good question, the profiles of our users are linked to their Facebook profile and we have a reputation system where you can rate the person helping you. It’s not perfect but it’s an additional layer than what you may find in some other popular community websites which are anonymous. We hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns!

Q: How can I post a request anonymously?
A: You can do this easily by checking “Post anonymously” under the “Identity” option when you create your posting.  While this keeps your identity anonymous to the public for this request, keep in mind that if you accept an offer to help, that person you accepted will be able to see your profile photo and username in the messaging screen.

Q: If I am offering to help a person, can they see my location?
A: No, for privacy purposes only the location of the karmist request is publicly visible.  However if you want to let the other person know where you are, you can easily do this in the messaging tab by pressing the “+” button and pressing “Location”.

Q: How do I earn karma points?
A: Users earn 1 karma point for every time their karmist offer to help is accepted, and 1 point for every user they refer that signs up.

Q: What is the difference between “exact location” and “general location”?
A: For privacy purposes, the default setting is “general location” for karmist requests, where the location for your request is “fuzzed” to be nearby but not exact.   Users can display the exact location if they choose to do so, or select to not tie the request to any location.

Q: How much does karmist cost?
A: karmist is free!  

Q: How can I set the categories of new requests I get notifications for?
A: This is based on the categories of things “I can help with…” in your profile.  You can change it in your profile and that controls the types of requests you will get notified about.